Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 18

Heg, Skoven and Greywing, the half-elven bard that came to their aid in the bar followed the Halfling scoundrel, Bongo Lafleur, into the yard of a merchant compound just outside the palisade. Bongo ran into the barn that sits in one corner of the compound. There are two additional buildings, a corral with a couple of horses; two wagons and some crates sit part way across the open yard. Not pausing to consider other options, the trio ran after the halfling. As they crossed the yard, Greywing picked out the sounds of voices, sounding like Bongo was arguing with a deep-voiced someone. The barn has large doors on one side, one panel of which Bongo entered through. On either side there was a window, set perhaps 5 feet off the ground. Skoven boosted Greywing up to peer in the window – he was able to see Bongo in conversation with a large man, and saw a spiral staircase in the corner that appeared to lead down into the ground. The trio made a quick plan: Heg and Skoven would wait for a minute before entering the door that Bongo went through while Greywing circled around to a door on the end of the barn, putting himself on the other side of Bongo and the large man.

But before they could enact their plan, the door opened and Bongo stepped out. Skoven reached out and tried to grab him, but Bongo was able to slip back inside. Skoven pushed in after him, realizing there were other men in the barn as well. He quickly swung his sword and felled the closest. The large man bellowed “Bongo, you fool, you’ve let them in!” and stepped forward with a large sword to confront Skoven, but Skoven wisely shifted out of range. Bongo, realizing his predicament, bolted out the door. Heg was there waiting for him – she took the opportunity to take a swing at him, striking a sold blow, but Bongo ran on. Heg, seeing that the one lead she had to the whereabouts of her son was getting away, ran after the scoundrel, intent on catching him. She managed to stay with him, but could not do further damage to him to halt his run.

Meantime, Skoven found himself surrounded in the barn, facing the large man and three of his cohorts. He decided to follow Heg and retreat to the stable yard. Unfortunately for him, another large man armed with an axe had come out of one of the other buildings upon hearing the commotion. The thugs moved to surround Skoven in the yard, and Bongo, perhaps encouraged by the numbers, turned to face Heg.

Greywing had circled the building only to find that the door he had intended to enter was locked. And before he could decide what to do about that, the fighting had broken out. Hearing the clash of weapons move out into the stable yard, he tried to go to the aid of his new acquaintances: he attempted to vault over the 7-foot fence of the merchant compound, but he slipped badly and crashed into the fence. If not for his magical boots, he would likely have found himself face down in the dirt. Instead, he was able to only to watch helplessly through a gap in the fence.

Skoven found himself beset on all sides. The swords of his enemies appeared to be coated with some foul substance that made each wound worse than a normal: he feared they were using poison. He valiantly swung his sword about him, but there were too many against him, and Skoven went down in a hail of blows. The thugs were too much for Heg, surrounding her and then piling on to subdue her. As Greywing looked on uselessly, he watched in horror as the big bad guy beheaded Skoven with his axe and carried the grisly trophy into the barn, while the thugs dragged Heg’s limp body inside. Greywing stayed long enough to hear one of the captors laugh and say “Herck will be pleased!” The bard knew he had to get word of this horrible turn of events to the other Knights of Aristor, and set off quickly to return to Aristor.

Greywing hurried back through the town, hoping to find someone who could tell him where to find the new Knights. It was one thing to know of these recent heroes, but quite another to find them. After the first couple of townsfolk were of little help, the bard found a fellow who knew that some of the new Knights had recently stopped for a drink at The Churn, and there he got word that they were headed to the Temple of Pelor. The patron remarked “Yeah, they were here. I saw them! You know, they’re not as big as I thought they’d be…”. The bard thanked the man and made his way quickly to the temple, where he was greeted by a young acolyte who seemed in awe of ‘Sir Gnurgren and his friends’. The acolyte revealed that the Knights were inside, but in a meeting that should not be disturbed. But the bard persuaded him that it was urgent – one of the Knights had fallen in battle – and was ushered in to see the new Knights and the high priest Oswald.

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 17

Skoven easily scrambles up the rough wooden timbers using the conveniently placed handholds. In short order he’s peering over the wall and down onto yard filled with crates and boxes and a pair of wagons. The yard is fully enclosed, boxed in by three seperate buildings and a wooden fence that joins up with the pallisade. Skoven just catches sight of the halfling disappearing into a barn, the largest of the three buildings via a small door.

After a moment, Skoven scrambles down the other side and doesn’t wait long for both Heg and the bard to join him. They stand together in silence at the edge of a seemingly deserted merchant compound. The only other living thing they see is a single raven perched on the roof of the barn.

Heg looks to the bard “Thanks for the help. I’m afraid I don’t know you’re name but I feel I should introduce myself, I am…”

“…Heg the Weaver and Sir Skoven of Aristor. I am most pleased to meet you both.” After a grand formal bow, he continues. “You may call me Greywing. I am a traveling bard and have recently heard of the Knight’s of Aristor and their remarkable accomplishments. I am amazed at my luck to have met you as I was hoping to hear the story first hand from these new Knights. Forgive me for being blunt but why did you acost that barkeep so and why are we here chasing a little halfing?”

Heg replies, “We’re here to find my son. I believe that halfling Bongo may lead me to those that have taken him. This is no place for a lute player. I suggest you hurry away before things get dangerous. I don’t need any more guilt on my conscience.”

Quickly pulling out his longsword, Greywing responds, “With all due respect m’lady, I am a tad more skilled than a meer lute player. I’m eager to see at first hand the actions of true heroes.”

Heg looks at him and sighs. “Very well. Lets go.” She quickly turns and heads towards the large barn into which the halfing disappeared.

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 16

Skoven chases after Bongo using acrobatics to help shorten the distance (acrobatics check rolled 7, +15 = 22).

Skoven easily jumps over the fence encircling the corral and quickly heads to the pallisade wall (4 successes) Heg and the bard have less success. Heg has diffculty getting over the fence and falls awkardly (taking 5 damage) (4 success/ 1 failure) . The bard has no difficulty with the fence but gets slowed down by the wet ground in the corral. The previous nigh’ts rain has made the rutted ground wet and sloppy in places, making movement difficult (4 successess/ 2 failures).

Once all three reach the base of the pallisade, it is evident that handholds have been cut into the thick lumber, allowing for an easier climb up the side of the timber wall.

Athletics (DC15) or Acrobatics (DC19) to climb over the pallisade as Bongo did.

Skoven uses acrobatics to climb over the pallisade (rolled 15, +15 = 30).

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 15

[[[sorry should have explained it more-make a check and i’ll give you feedback on the results. the other’s in your group will also contribue (heg, the bard). ]]]

Skoven looks around and notices that down the street to the west is a man being helped to his feet. Surrounding his apples that apparently spilled from a basket the man had been carrying. Skoven is sure Bongo fled that way and gives chase, with the bard and Heg in toe.(1 success)

As they run the down Chute Street, the bard points a head and yells “Look at the horse corral ahead. I think he went in there.” A number of horses are agitated by something. (2 successes)

As Skoven reaches the edge of the corral, he slows to allow Heg and the bard to catch up. Look. Up there. I think that might be him. Heg points to the other side of the corral where it ends in the tall wooden pallisade wall. At the top of the pallisade can be seen a small figure scrambling over the top and down the other side out of sight. (3 successess)

Next Checks Available Skills:
Acrobatics – DC19 – Vaulting over or around obstacles you make up some of the distance
Athletics – DC 19 – You run fast, scale a wall or leap a fence and gain an advantage in the chase. Perception – DC 23 – You find a shortcut or means to gain an advantage.
Streetwise – DC 23 – You know enough about the environment to gain an advantage.

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 14

Skoven grunts “Bastards!” He then quickly looks around. “My lady, the thief may be out of sight, but give me a quick moment and I shall surely find his trail.” [He uses perception to find clues from the environment – as a Ranger, seems like the most probable course of action. He rolls 12, +11 = 23]

[I’m not sure if you mean I need to roll a perception check 6 times right now, or just the once. If it is just once, then it will take a lot of back and forth to run through this sequence. In the interests of making things flow more quickly, I was wondering if it might make sense for me to make a bunch of rolls now and show you the results, then as we proceed, you can simply use these as my successive rolls? That may be odd and not work, but I thought I’d throw it out there]

11, 20, 8, 6, 13, 12, 14, 4, 15, 16, 4, 12, 10, 3, 5, 19, 9, 2,14

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 13

Skoven skids to a stop in the middle of the street beside Heg and the bard who had helped them in the fight. The doors to the bar swing open again and a pair of daggers comes flying in their direction. One strikes the bard in the arm dealing 8 points of damage.

Heg is breathlessly scanning the road looking for signs of where Bongo would have run to.

{ this is a skill challenge… you’ll need to make 6 successes before 3 failures. }

Currently Available Skills:

Diplomacy – DC 23 – ask nearby townsfolk for aid in finding bongo
Insight – DC 19 – find clues to where Bongo may have gone based on how townsfolk are reacting
Intimidate – DC 23 – threaten townsfolk for informatino on bongo
Perception – DC 19 – find clues to where Bongo may have gone from the environment
Streetwise – DC 15 – find cluese to where Bongo would have gone using streetsmarts.

First success will open up addtional skills
Skoven – what do you do?

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 12

On Skoven’s Turn
You can’t go diagonally around corners so you’ll have to shift into the space infront of the door currently occupied by Heg. I’ll fudge things a little and let you delay your shift until after Heg’s turn as she’ll make a bee-line for the open door.

Heg makes the most of Skoven’s opening. She shifts 1 to go out the door and avoid attacks of opportunity and then a second move action to head into the street to see where Bongo went.

Patron 3
The overweight patron strikes at Skoven with the chair leg but Skoven easily dodges the blow. He ends his turn by shifting to A3

The bard shifts back a step and brandishes his wand at the back of the Barkeep and lets loose with a verbal barrage of mockery. The barkeep doubles over and appears off balance. The bard then quickly moves towards the door prompting attacks of opportunity from all the ruffians, but with remarkable grace he nimbly avoids being hit and joins Heg in the street infront of the tavern.

Patron 2
The old man shifts to A5 to flank Skoven and swings with his mace dealing 9 points of damage.

Patron 4
Steps up to also engage Skoven brandishing his mace. He also makes contact and deals 14 points of damage

Chaz the Barkeep
The barkeep swings again with his deadly longsword but misses.

Condition of Allies:
Heg: 30 damage. no longer bloodied.
Skoven: Marked by Barkeep. 19 damage
Bard:not yet damaged

- on his turn he is able to shift out of the bar into the street

Coming Up Next – The Chase Is On – Stay Tuned -
Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 11

[Skoven’s AC is 22, with a +2 against opp. attacks]

On his turn, Skoven uses a minor action to sheath his dagger and a second minor action to open the door. He yells to Heg, “Get out now! I follow” then with his longsword he swings at the barkeep (with Nimble Strike)[Rolled 14, +7, +2 combat adv. if that still exists = 23; damage roll if hits = 6, +5 (dex mod) = 11]. Nimble strike then lets him shift one space which he does! Kitty corner out the door (if possible) or into A4 if not.

[Not sure how temp hit points work. If I have them still, then Skoven is currently at 53 (ie. 44 +9).

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 10

On Skoven’s Turn
Skoven’s first strike easily hits Patron 1, but as his offhand strike is about to be parried, Heg shouts a distraction at the enemy allowing Skoven to connect with both strikes.

Although gravely injured, the woman still stands her ground in front of the door. This time she swings at Skoven with her dagger. {she rolls 20 vs AC. If this hits, she dealing 8 damage to Skoven}

Heg senses the woman infront of her is nearly finished lashes out with another blow from her short sword. The woman crumples to the ground. Heg shifts forward pauses for a moment to regain her breath (she spends a healing surge regaining 15 points).

Patron 3
The large patron shifts forward and strikes at Heg’s back dealing a hard blow with the broken chair leg. Heg takes 7 damage.

The bard shifts back a step and points his wand at the nearest ruffian. Patron 4 grimaces in pain from an unseen attack

Patron 2
The old man shouts in alarm as Patron 1 falls. He shifts forward and in fury strikes again at heg but misses

Patron 4
Steps closer to the bard and swings again with his mace, but again the Bard dodges at the last second to evade the blow and allowing him to move closer to Skoven and Heg.

Chaz the Barkeep
The barkeep shifts to the side and again swings his deadly longsword at skoven. He rolls 20 vs AC. If this hits Skoven takes another 6 damage and he is poisoned – will take 5 poison damage at the start of each and is slowed (speed 2) save ends both

Condition of Allies:
Heg: 30 damage. no longer bloodied
Skoven: Marked by Barkeep. 5 damage, 9 temp hit points. IF AC <=20 then takes an addition 14 damage and be poisoned (slowed, 5 dmg/turn, save ends)
Bard:not yet damaged

Skoven up next

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 9

As Chaz the Barkeep attacks, Skoven uses “Weave through Frey” to shift to A5 and then attacks Patron 1 (A4) with Two-Fanged Strike.

First attack, rolled for a total of 26 (rolled 18, +7). Damage total 9 (rolled 3, +1, +5 for hunters quarry)

Second attack (off-hand weapon), rolled for a total of 14 (rolled 7, +7). Damage if hits, 4 (3, +1)

IF both of the attacks hit, then deals extra damage of +3.

Skoven, recognizing it must have been the Bard (only one helping in this fight!?)that gave him the energy boost, yells “To me, Bard, these fiendish rats can’t stop us!”


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