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Game Day 0

Intro to the Adventure
Faerrin awoke from a restless sleep – he had been dreaming again. The room was dark, as dawn still lay hours away. A rough cloth hung over an open window and lazily swung back and forth by the barest hint of an evening breeze. He could hear the constant breathing of his companions nearby. At least they slept well.
They had arrived in Applehaven[i] two nights ago, being greeted by excited locals eager for the start of the Harvest Festival. They were here to play the part of Sturgráin and his company – to capture a local maiden, escort her to Furdin’s Keep and then return her to the village with a King’s pardon[ii]. This ceremonial re-enactment of the early days of the village was always a popular part of the late summer festival as it ended with the arrival of a wagon full of dwarven ale.
Faerrin’s induction into Moradin’s service this year had won him the honor playing the role of the dwarven hero. Riding back to Furdin’s Keep[iii] with a young halfling and returning with a load of ale didn’t sound all that bad, yet somehow he felt uneasy. In the bright of day, he would rub his newly bare scalp and wonder if he could live up to the expectations being one of Moradin’s Hammers[iv]. At night when he had his dreams, these doubts were pushed aside and replaced by the fear of what he knew was to come.

[i] Applehaven : Applehaven is a small halfling village located at the base of the Shield Mountains beside Cold Lake. The village has sworn fealty to the dwarven lord of Furdin’s Keep.
[ii] Re-enactment: This re-enacted the early days of the village, when the overzealous warrior Sturgráin confronted the newly arrived halfling tribe for camping on Dwarven lands. Sturgráin refused to hear the halfings’ explanations and instead took Oxalis, the daughter of Hollarmac , leader of the halflings hostage and brought her before the Dwarven King. There he learned that the King’s son, Prince Fráin, had been saved from an orcish attack by the halfling tribe. As thanks, Prince Fráin had granted the Hollarmac and his tribe the lands in the valley, provided they acknowledged his father, King Furdin as their liege. Upon learning this, Sturgráin apologized to his King and humbly returned to Oxalis to Applehaven. To make amends for his mistake, Sturgráin presented the halflings with 10 casks of dwarven ale and his services for a year. Sturgráin tower located at the south end of town is named after him.
[iii] Furdin’s Keep:Furdin’s Keep refers to one of the few remaining dwarven strongholds found in the Shield Mountains. It was constructed by King Furdin I approximately 150 years ago. It is currently held by King Furdin II.
[iv] Moradin’s Hammers:Traveling clerics of Moradin are known as Moradin’s Hammers. They are entrusted with protecting the dwarven cause through honor, duty and vigilance.

Day 1

Day 1 – Sept 17

Ceremonial Trip To Dwarven Keep
Ceremonial re-enactment of event from founding of Applehaven when Dwarven hero brought halfing maiden to Dwarven keep then returning to town with ale and apologies from Dwarven King
Faerin representing Dwarves (because of being new cleric of Moradin)
Beav representing Halflings. Beav filling in for original winner of annual competition (because original winner of annual contests (Taela Ciderfaste) disappear a week ago (along with a rival of William’s ((Hollarmac Fishhand).
Beav had been strongly encouraged to enter tournaments by her mentor (half-elven Lorelyn Druid/Cleric of Ehlonna) because thought somehow very important to well being of Applehaven. Was surprised when Beav came in second to Taela Ciderfaste.
Faerin invites friend Tsorik along
Beav invites friends (suitors?) William and Tasmin
Badger asked by his mentor Hindor Grickle(old Grick) to pickup something for him from Durzh Rogat dwarven keep, so Badger also accompanies the group.
Attacked by small party of orcs on way to Dwarven keep

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Day 2

Day 2 – Sept 18
Visit Furdin’s Keep
Badger Receives amulet from Durzh Rog (dwarven mage) said to belong to an old wizard that had created a keep near applehaven. Suggest that Badger’s mentor
Notice dwarven keep very depressed because of frail health (sanity?) of Dwarven King Frain. Only Drogin the Keep’s steward appears to be keeping things together. People seem to respect his help/support.
William puts on a memorable performance within a Dwarven inn… raising their spirits.

Day 3

Vortigren Attacks
Return to Applehaven with Kegs of beer
A few Dwarves (Ulfgar the warrior, Thornhelm the cook) join in return trip to participate in Applehaven’s festival
Come to farm of Jobidia Springfoot and see bodies on ground. Family brutally killed.
Attack by Vortigern, flying creature and zombies and orcs
Amulet stolen from Badger
Party battles back but Vortigern and flying creature escape.

Day 4

Bandit Keep
arrive in applehaven
relate happenings to towns people
orcs attack and steal ceremonial font (belonging to Lorelyn, Beav’s mentor)
party asked to recover item
chase orcs to woods south of village
defeat orcs
arrive at keep
large battle with many orcs and an ogre
Ulfgar and Tsorik die
Return to town with bowl
Town cleric Alonka (cleric of Yondalla) not powerfull enough to raise suggests speaking with Lorelynn
Lorelynn as reward for recovery of item provides party with a single raise dead scroll (she is also not powerfull enough to cast another herself) suggests seeing Dwarven Cleric in Dwarven Keep
Party casts scroll on Tsorik, Lorelynn casts preserving spell to protect Ulfgar’s body until arrival at keep
Rest in town

Day 5

Day 5 Sept 21
- return to keep to explore
- kill Vortigern
- descent into dungeon
- find tomb of Wizard
- recover staff and other items

Day 6

Day 6 – 8 Sept 22 – 24
- festival begins
- Tasmin pick pockets a gem off of an wealthy looking elderly human visitor to the festival. Appears to be very magical. Hides item in boot.
- William plays at festival but is not one of his better performances
- festival ends

Day 9

Day 9 Sept 25
- Leave applehaven with body of Ulfgar in hopes that Cleric at keep will raise him
- Party almost run off of road by mounted human knights.
- Knights sneer at party as they ride past.
- Someone recognizes emblems on shields as belonging to a merchant and mercenary house in Pesht
- Camp for night
- Strange man joins camp offers rabbits he caught. Doesn’t talk much.
- See large shape (dragon like) flying over head

Day 10

Day 10 Sept 26
Strange man gone early in morning
Leave camp
See smoke
Large battle had occurred at Dwarven Keep because of a surprise attack by orcs
Many dwarves wounded/dead.
Dwarves had been rallied by Drogon and rebuffed attack
Could have been worse if Drogon had not organized defenses
first available pages of Williams Journal
We’re at the Dwarven Keep, it’s about mid-day (day 10 of our adventure). The orc attack was the previous night. Dwarves think they got all the orcs. There’s always been problems with orc attacks on the roads, but no direct attacks like this one. We wonder why?
William sweet talks some rooms at the Stone Keg Inn. William performs the story of Kelron Ironaxe and the Dragon of Doom.
Beav surveys the area around the lake for information; finds a hidden boat and 2 sets of footprints – one appeared to be wounded.
Tasmin checks out the temple, sneaking inside, gets caught, tries to bluff, fails, runs and hides in cupboard.
William gathers information about the attack for story; seems that the knights we passed on the way to the Keep had been at the Keep, leaving on the morning before the attack after talking with Drogon; Drogon has been Steward for about 50 years, since shortly after the expedition of the King’s son and others to try and reclaim the Stone Fist Keep (Tsurok’s father part of it as well). In the last few years, as the king has become reclusive, Drogon has become more visible as a leader. As such, he’s ruffled some of the aristocracy, but he’s well liked by the town’s people whom he supports with his time and energies as he can.
Back at the Inn, Drogon enters to cheers. Beav tells him she found tracks; Drogon seems a bit surprised. Drogon asks us if we would act as scouts for him as he’s down a few soldiers and can’t spare any, and would like us to follow the tracks and find out as much as we can.
Tasmin makes it back to the Inn after escaping from the cupboard. In the evening, Tasmin finds his foot is blue from where he was hiding the gem.


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