Day 19

Day 19 – Oct 4 5
Early the next morning, Tas and Wm, hear scurrying and a tree blight jumps out of the doorway. Bv casts a fire spell at it and it collapses. We rest the remainder of the day and sleep through the night.
First thing in the morning, we climb out of the crevasse and check on the ponies, but it looks like some wolves got them. It’s a cold day and Bv notices a winter storm brewing in the north. We circle back around the hill to the monastery to check things out. Near the wall, Tas, Bv and Wm move ahead to quietly look around. We think we see some movement within. Once at the wall, we silently look over, into the enclosed area of the monastery, but see nothing moving, so we jump over the wall and hide behind one of the burnt sheds. As we sit, we think there’s something moving on the other side. We sneak around but again, see nothing. We keep walking around until we reach the door to the shed and look in, noticing the remains of some bodies. Bv then thinks she hears some movement near the other burned out shed, so we sneak over. Bv walks around the corner and stares a lizard man right in the face and asks “Did you kill the bad orcs?”. Somewhat uncertain, the lizard man steps back, but we slowly manage to talk with him and find out some information. He’s from near a village called Hayden’s Landing, with whom his people do some trading. The village is empty now though, with signs of violence happening, so he is here trying to find some answers. Tsurok and Badger arrive, and we all sit down for some food.
Once finished eating, we walk over to the tower to look around. There’s a wolf’s head symbol carved in the door. Wm. feels it’s simply the symbol of the craftsman that carved it. Tas checks for traps, then tries picking the luck, but can’t open the door. The lizard guy then lifts Bv up to the nearest window and she goes through into the tower. She notices that the door might be trapped. There’s a box above the door, with a coppery pipe running out from it, and a lever that can be pulled. She doesn’t touch it but tells us to step aside as she opens the door up. Nothing happens, and we all go inside. Wm, Tas and Bv then head up to the next level to check things out. Not much there, looks like a bedroom, so we go up to the next floor (the top floor), which looks like a library or study of some sort. Shelves all along the walls with some books and texts that appear to be primarily spiritual and devotional in nature. One it titled “Monastery of Cord, St. Cuthbert: Mind/Body Training, by Heronious”. For the most part it appears the monastery is dedicated to “good” gods.
We search for secret compartments but don’t find anything; nor do we find any on the first floor. Back on the main floor there’s a door leading into the basement. We lift the door with a rope, and then take a look down. It’s pretty dark and dank smelling. There’s a bunch of crates, small jugs and shovels and other tools. Tsurok heads down the ladder with a lamp, and the rest of us (except Badger and the Lizard Man, who says we can call him “Greeny”) follow. Tsurok looks for hidden doors etc. and quickly notices that a passageway has quite recently been walled up with stone. Bv. Wm. and Tas then go back up and out of the tower and quickly look around the sheds to see what species the dead bodies inside are. In the one shed that looks like a stable, there are the remains of 8 bodies, ranging in size. It looks like 2 were halflings, and the rest human, with one child. In the other shed, which appears to have been a home for the monks, we don’t see any bodies.
When we get back to the tower, we ask Greeny if there were any halflings in Hayden’s Landing, and he says there was. After we tell what we saw, he mentions that it was just monks here at the monastery, no families. The bodies are therefore probably those of the people of Hayden’s Landing.
We go back down into the cellar. Greeny stays outside to watch our backs. Tsurok sets to work on breaking down the wall. On the other side is a passageway, 5 feet wide and about 40 feet long. As we walk along, we notice humanoid skeleton on the floor. Tas then lights a lantern so we have some light. We go to the end of the passage and it opens up into a circular room. Bones are scattered around the walls.
Just as we step across into the room, the bones rise up into skeletons and attack. Tsurok quickly smashes two. Wm. really likes the new dagger Bv gave to him. After a lengthy battle, we finally win. Badger was knocked unconcscious, and Bv. heals him up. We then head down the south passage, where we notice some light coming through some vents, or grates, in the ceiling. On the floor are a number of grooves, and it looks like this was a system to collect rain water. The grooves all funnel into one track that leads out of the room through a doorway on the east wall. We walk over and through the doorway and notice the groove funnels into a little pool. Tsurok and Bv move closer and a big wave flies up from the pool and attacks. We defend and fight back as we slowly retreat. After quite a while we leave the room with the grooves, and the water monster doesn’t pursue us.

End of game day Feb. 23/2002

///missing journal entry from William to finish day
Explore level a little more
Uncover a bricked up passage way.
Find a crumpled note on ground saying something about “will return to finish job on Oct 6”
Come to a large set of double doors off of the circular room and able to faintly hear music from behind the door. A single string instrument playing slowly and sadly
Decide to go back out to tower
Greenie still there
Consider heading back to a town to rest and train but very bad storm seen coming in
Party decides to rest in tower
Very bad snow storm
Huge battle in the tower, from above and outside
From below a powerful evil human cleric an ogre
From outside zombies, half orc cleric (recognized from Bandit Keep battle), Taela Ciderfaste (missing daughter of Applehaven’s mayor) who has glowing eyes and very powerful (similar to Raven) and an ogre
Defeat all, half-orc cleric escapes
Rest in tower

Day 18

Day 18 – Oct 3 4
In the morning, we build a cairn over Tess’s body. We’re still pretty weak, but due to Bv’s dream we feel we should head back to the hill.
As we get close, Bv. spots some strange tracks which remind her of the tree blights we encountered several days back when we first met Tess.
We keep going and near the top of the hill there is a big crevasse from which the tracks lead out. Tsurok examines the rock in the crevasse and determines that it is indeed stone! We decide to send Tas down into the crevasse by rope. After 50 ft. he’s still not all the way down, but there are enough handholds to make it safely to the bottom. Once down, he sees a small cave-like room, 30 ft. deep. As he enters, he notices one of the vines nearby starts towards him. As the vine attacks, he also notices a bunch of small animal bones scattered around. The vine encircles Tas and he yells out for help. Bv. quickly slides down the rope as fast as she can, taking a lot of damage, but is able to attack the vine. Wm then slides down and attacks with his dagger, but drops it. Bv. hits for some damage as does Wm. and it lets go of Tas, but then it grasps Wm. and constricts him into unconsciousness. Tsurok is next to slide down and attacks the vine, which then lets go of Wm. Badger then arrives and attacks with a magic missile. Tsurok, Bv. and Badger continue fighting and eventually one of Badger’s missiles kills the dreaded plant. Bv. bandages Tas and Wm. up keeping them from dying.
Those awake, look around the small cavern. Tsurok with his stone knowledge discerns that a wall has been partially built near one end, concealing part of the cavern. In the wall is a doorway. Grumbling, Tsurok says we should have stayed a few extra days in camp, recovering our strength.
Bv. notices that it looks like someone or something has been throwing dead animals and birds to the vine creature, and we determine that it is probably the “security guard at the gate”. Bv determines that it isn’t fed daily, but probably monthly, and we have a few days before the feeder returns. Badger and Tsurok begin looking through the doorway and down the passageway. As he walks, Tsurok knocks a bit of stone which he realizes he should have noticed was a trap release, and a bunch of stones crash down on him.
The party decides to stay in the cavern and rest until Tas and Wm regain consciousness. Bv sneaks out of the crevasse and goes back to where we left the ponies to pick up some of our supplies. On her way back, she notices that on the far side of the hill, near the monastery, their is a bunch of smoke rising up. After dropping of the food and supplies, she goes to the top of the hill to check things out. She notices that two of the sheds in the monastery compound are on fire. There doesn’t seem to be anyone milling around, however, and it looks like the buildings have been burning for awhile. As she turns, she sees off in the distance by the road a lone, humanoid figure on horseback travelling north.
Bv. returns to the cavern and tells us what she saw. Badger stays on watch as Bv. tends to Wm, Tas and Tsurok through the day. Wm and Tas gain consciousness.
Evening rolls around uneventfully. Bv. heals us up as best she can, but we’re still in bad shape, so we decide to rest another day.
Go To Day 19

Day 17

Day 17 – Oct 2 3
In the early dawn, we hear in the distance the baying of wolves or dogs. Wm and Badger drum up what they know of “Scarred Hill”. We’re in the Grey Woods, at one time used as an Elven Home. They left many centuries ago. About 150 years ago, a monastary retreat complex, called “Monastary of the Morning Mist”, was established at the base of the hill. As far as we know it was still in existence as recent as 5 or 10 years ago. There were a few ancient standing stones and a sacred grove at the top, but what their significance was, or is, we aren’t sure (it may have been a sacred place for the elves, or may pre-date them too). One of the standing stones is cracked from a legendary fight between a vampire and a barbarian 500 years ago. Tess’s master, Raven, is a druid who tended the grove once a year. This year, when he went to the grove with Tess, there were orcs wandering the area, so he told her to go home and if he didn’t return, to go to Elmsdale for help. It was when she was on her way to Elmsdale that we encountered her, and we said we would help.
It is morning and we’re about a half-day hike to the hill, and we set out. Bv. wanders ahead as we get close and spies a platform in the trees. Bv, Wm, Bdgr and Tas sneak up to it. Wm. casts a sleep spell onto the platform and then Tas and Bv climb up to take out any inside. But it’s empty except for a small box. Inside, there are some arrows and dried rations. Tas takes the arrows and we re-connect with the rest of the party. Tas mentions that on the opposite side of the tree he noticed a dangling rope with dried blood on it (possibly a month old).
We continue along the path. Tess leads us a bit north-east towards the hill. Bv notices another platform, this time there are definitely two orcs in it. We try the same plan, but they notice Badger before we start. At their first yell, Wm casts his sleep spell which affects one of the orcs. The other shoots arrows at Badger, who returns with magic missles. Tas and Bv sneak up the tree to the platform. The orc blasts a horn as Bv reaches the top of the platform and rushes to attack. She misses, though, and the orc pushes her off and out of the tree. Tas sneaks around the outer edge to take out the sleeping orc. Badger and Wm move up the path to watch for other orcs responding to the horn. Tas, sneaks behind the “live” orc and strikes a wicked blow to kill it, then quickly deals with the sleeping one.
We then try and plan an ambush as we hear more orcs and dogs approach. Tas and Bv remain in the platform as the rest of us hide around the base.
As the orc party nears, they see Tsurok trying to hide. They release the dogs. As they leap, Bv casts an entangle spell in their path, stopping one of the dogs. The other continues in a charge towards Tsurok, who in a dwarf-like, blood rage charges the evil dog and arcing his deadly axe in a massive stroke, cleaves the beast’s head clean off.
Bv. casts a spell to heat the chief orc’s armour. Tas and Wm continue to shoot slings and arrows at the orcs as Bv casts a warp wood on their bows. The chief orc then blasts his horn as two of the other orcs break free and run back. The other dog breaks free and races for revenge against Tsurok, but Badger hits it with a quick cross-bow bolt to finish it off. The chief orc is burnt to death in his armour. Two orcs escaped the attack and fled.
Tas loots the chief orc and finds a small whistle. We quickly run back along the trail and then try and circle around any orc party rushing to respond to the sound of the horn. Bv. continues along the path farther than the rest of the party to leave a false trail, then traces back to meet up with us. Badger casts a “speak with animal” spell on Bv’s hawk and asked it to look around the area for us. This wasn’t a very specific request, and the hawk simply replied in general terms that there were some rabbits and other food around.
(note: after the fight it’s determined that the necklace on Tsurok is a +1 AC)
We continue along, and after a bit, Tas (walking ahead) is hit by an arrow, and spots an orc in a platform, who quickly ran away. Not long after, we hear a loud, droning horn blast coming from the monastary at the base of the hill.
We decide to move past the platform and into the inner part of the circle of platforms around the monastary, and then before the edge of the forest, we turn and move around the hill staying just inside the ring of blinds/platforms. The hope is that we can skirt the hill and get to a stream to then hide our tracks and re-group.
After about 100 feet, the forest clears a little, and we can see at the base of the hill a small tower (30 ft. high), along with two other stone buildings enclosed within a short stone wall . We can see movement inside the wall. We also spot some flying creatures/birds above the monastary. We continue on and Bv. spots a trip wire and points it out to us. We continue on and Bv falls into a concealed pit. We lift her up and keep going. Bv. then gets whipped up into a net trap, and cuts her way out, and we keep going. Bv. hears wings flapping closely by and as we continue along more things fly past us. As we continue, we can see a dark crevass in the top of the hill (rumoured catacombs inside the hill). We continue on around the far side of the hill and eventually see a trail of to the west, heading north. As we near, we notice many footprints heading both north and south. We keep moving and finally get to a small stream, which we enter and walk eastwards down the middle.
Bv. sees the eyes of something hiding very well in th bushes along the edge of the stream. Bv. tries to talk to it, but it quickly jumps and runs away. As it runs we see that it is a lizard person (“Greenie”). Wm. dazes it for an instant with a spell and Bv. and Tas jumps on it, but it gets away and quickly runs off to the east. Wm. then recalls that the north side of Elmlake, south of Hayden’s Landing is a marshy area, and it’s known to be inhabited by lizard people, which could explain it’s presence here.

(part 2 – Game Days Feb. 22, 23/2002)
It’s mid-afternoon, and we’re in the middle of a small, forest stream. We’ve just encountered a lizard man, tried to talk to it, but it ran away. Wm dazes it, and Bv jumps on it, but he manages to run away. We find it odd to see a lizard man here, but Tess says she has seen them in the general area before when she was with Raven.
We continue along down the stream further to the east until we see a safe place to break and make camp. The party decides to leave some false tracks, and so Bv and Bdgr go back upstream, and branch off into the woods. After a while, they get close to the road and in the distance to the south, hear a horse and wagon. As it nears, they see that its a covered wagon, with two men in cloaks driving. As the wagon passes, Bv and Bdgr run up behind it. Bv grabs hold of the back and climbs up to take a peak. Inside she sees a bunch of stuff covered over with tarp, and a half-orc in black robes dozing a bit. She then climbs into the wagon to see what’s under the tarp, and gently lifts one edge, and notices that it’s a bunch of bodies. Right then the half-orc sees her and yells to his companions. Bv quickly casts a flare spell and briefly blinds him, as he jumps towards her. Bv jumps off the wagon as the half-orc peers out and casts a fear spell. Bdgr, affected by the spell runs off into the forest, and Bv follows. After a while they hear the wagon move off north down the road.
Bv. and Bdgr arrive back to the camp just as it’s getting dark. The party sets a watch, with Bv and Tess being first. About half-way through their watch, Bv spots a big raven on a branch watching the party. Bv. quietly asks Tess if she has a spell to use, but she says to leave the bird alone. After some time, the raven lifts off the branch and transforms into a human, charming Bv and quietly tells her to stay. He then walks over to Tess and whispers in her ear and leads her off into the woods. Bv. wakes up Wm and Tas and tells them what happened. She’s charmed, though, and it sounds like Raven has returned. Tas wants to follow them into the woods, though, and Bv tags along. As they get close, however, Bv hears the man say “I told you not to follow. Go back to your camp now!”, and she turns and heads back. Just then, the man turns and Tas sees he has red, glowing eyes and fangs. Tas tries to tell Bv. this guy’s bad. Bv. keeps going back to the camp, but Tas follows the evil man and Tess. The evil man turns again and attacks Tas with a sickle. Tas yells for help and attacks back. The rest of us finally come running. Bv. seeing two friends fighting tries to break it up, but the evil guy knocks her out of the way, breaking the charm spell. Wm arrives and starts singing. Badger uses Eralion’s staff to cast a Daylight spell, but the evil guy doesn’t flee the light. Tess attacks Wm. Tsurok attacks a large dire rat summoned by evil guy. The fight continues and things don’t go well. Badger casts a burning hands on the dire rat which dies. The evil guy casts a spike growth spell all around us and we’re trapped. We continue fighting and he finally changes form into a bird and flies away. We’re all still trapped in our positions from the spike growth spell, however. Tess while attacking Wm. fell into the spike and without anyone being able to reach her bleeds to death. Bv. is able to carry Tas. Wm. and Badger out of the growth one at a time, while Tsurok used two shields to walk out.
We don’t know if this was Raven or not, changed into a vampire, but we think so.
We go back to our camp and rest. Tsurok takes the second watch, but all is quiet. Badger, during his watch, ties a bunch of cooking pots and pans to himself.
During this watch, Bv. wakes up and it appears to her that only Wm. is in the camp sleeping. Bv. tries to shake him, but he won’t awaken. Then out of the brush to the side of the camp, a brilliant, white unicorn walks out, and sheds a tear, before running off into the woods towards the hill. Bv. shouts at it not to go, which Badger, on watch, hears as Bv shouting in her sleep. Bv. tries to run after it, and then wakes up. She wakes the rest of us and tells what she saw, and tells us that the unicorn is the symbol of her god.
It’s now about 2:30 am and Bv. is adamant about heading after the unicorn, but we feel we need to rest the remainder of the night to get spells back.

Day 16

Day 16 Oct 1 2
Missing part of day for William’s journal
morning twig blights attack
meet Tess
see Hamlet of Edgewood – Orcs
head south of hamlet into woods onto a game trail
Beav and Tasmin scout back towards hamlet
Caught in snare and net traps
skirmish in the woods
Dave finds enchanted knife/dagger
Party presses on into woods

William’s Journal Continued
From Game Day, Jan. 27th, 2002
After discussion we decide to move south off the game trail and find a place to rest for the night. We split into three watches for the night.
On first watch are Tess and Bv. After a while, Tess starts dozing off and falls asleep, while Bv. stands up and starts dancing uncontrollably. Bv. sees some lights off in the distance and after a while stops dancing and wakes the rest of us up. As we’re discussing what to do, Tas and Wm find they’re transfixed on a tree in front of them. Two things then fly past Tsk and Bdgr, who yells for everyone to get down. Tas and Wm don’t move, however. Tsk drags Tas to the ground and Badger tries to tackle Wm, but Wm has an overwhelming feeling that Badger is an enemy, and attacks. Tess starts wandering off towards the lights….
To make a long story short, it’s a bunch of pixies or something. Tsurok hears giggling in the woods and yells to warn us of what’s happening. As soon as he does, a little figure like a tiny elf appears and announces to Tsk, “What would you do for this?” and holds up an incredibly beautiful jewelled necklace, and laughs and dancess around, then disappears. All is still in chaos, though. Tas keeps wandering, Wm. still stares at the tree, Tess attacks Tsurok, Bv stares stupidly at nothing. Badger casts a ghost sound and tries to pretend we’re fighting off orcs. But we’re all in confusion still.
The little sprite appears again and asks the same question! Wm shouts he’ll sing a song and play his harp. Not an astounding performance, but the little sprite seems pleased. She tells us nice people like us shouldn’t be in woods like these where evil, dark things are. Says we should leave. Bv says we’re here to fight the evil, dark things and asks if the sprites could help. The little one laughs, disappears, but out of thin air a few things appear and drop to the ground at our feet – a little wooden bottle with a stopper in it, a tightly rolled up piece of bark, and the necklace held up before (which doesn’t look quite as expensive, though as it did). Tsk yells thank you into the night air. The scroll is an invisibility to undead, the potion we’re not sure, but possibly cure light wounds, and the necklace is definitely magical.
The rest of the night is uneventful

Day 13

Day 13 Sept 29
We travel on to Applehaven. William takes the harp to the family of the dead bard; Beav talks to Laurelin who says the Green Man was probably Oskar(?). The Green Men are powerful, don’t like civilization, she was visited by one of them the week before. It bothers her that 2 of them have appeared so recently
Laurelin identifies one item for us. We choose the staff. It’s Eralion’s staff. Casts Daylight spell at 9th level upon saying “Eralion”.
We purchase gear, tell the Reeve about his daughter’s death and about the events we’ve witnessed over the last few days.
We start travelling towards the “mine” on the map.
That night Tsurok on his shift sees 3 humanoid figures flit across the road a ways up. Beav sends her wolf in that direction and runs after it. Tasmin follows, but can’t see anything and returns. Beav hears wolf yelp, and finds it dead with a few arrows in it and throat slashed. We bury it.
During the night, Beav and Badger briefly notice a huge wing-shaped creature fly by.
Day 14 Sept 30
Beav tries to follow the 3 beings tracks, but doesn’t have much luck
We leave the wagon, take the ponies and head off the road on our way.
Morning passes and in the afternoon we see a bear. Beav tries to empathise with is but doesn’t do too well.
In the evening we come to and east/west road and make camp
Day 15 Sept 31 Oct 1
Day comes, we continue on. At about noon we come to a ford across a fast-flowing brook, and turn off the road following the brook north towards the “black square” on the map, but after several hours realize we’re following the wrong river!
Go back to the road and continue on, without problems and camp for the night (figuring we’re just now on the edge of the “black square” map)

Day 12

Day 12 Sept 28
In the morning we meet with Drogon as requested to tell us about our adventure the day before; we tell him about the druid, he says it sounds like a Green Man; he also questions us a bit about our adventure in the south near Applehaven; he says he heard we battled a cleric and powerful demon-bird; we try to down-play our actions regarding who we fought – Beav brags she killed an ogre, though. Drogon says there will be a feast held by the King that night and we are invited.
Tasmin and Badger talk to Durz, about identifying magical items for us (too expensive)
We go to the courtyard for the trial. It’s just Pilga (the female), the male died from his wounds over-night. Imred leads the trial. Seems like a fair trial. She admits to having taken part in the attack. She is given the chance to defend her actions, through a translator but refuses. Imred pronounces she is to be burned at the stake. The crowd is pleased.
In the evening, Pilga is marched out to the lake where she is tied to the stake and the fire is lit. As the fire rises she starts screaming, but suddenly breaks free, jumps down and runs. After a few moments of confusion, Imred yells for her to be chased, and for the guards who tied her to be taken to the Keep.
People then slowly make their way to the feast. The king appears after the first course, looking old and bent-over, but Tasmin has a feeling something isn’t quite right, almost like he’s not as old and crumpled as he is.
After the meal the king gives a speech… says his health has been poor.. thanks Drogon for his good work…. hoped to hear news about his son.. doesn’t feel he has much life left… names Drogon king until the return of his son.
Imred is furious, Drogon is very surprised, the crowd is surprised. We feel it’s best if we just leave the feast hall.
At the Inn there’s a message for Faerin from his old master, Gramouth. He says he can’t share it with us, thinks we should still check out the mine, wishes us luck and leaves.
We leave the town that night.
Battle Etin. Beat Etin He had the harp of the fellow bard from Applehaven that the Reeve’s daughter was with. Certain that they are probably both dead.

Day 11

Day 11 Sept 27
We follow the tracks; Beav briefly sees a huge wing-shaped creature in the sky.
Mid-afternoon we know we’re getting closer; we hear a woman’s cry from over the hill in front of us; there’s about 7 wolves surrounding two figures, one a orc on the ground wounded, the other a half-orc woman. We battle the wolves. One of the wolves changes into human shape. We realize we may be making a mistake; Beav tries to talk to the human and explain our actions but the druid laughs and Beav realizes that these druids are against her/our beliefs; we keep fighting and after a time the druid and his remaining wolves run away.
The female half-orc is hostile; we hold them and try and talk to her to get information; says the orcs attacked the Keep in retaliation for a Dwarf attack on their tribe 2 weeks earlier; turns out she’s fond of Keth (the male orc); she followed the raiding party to be with him, says she didn’t take part in the battle, but Keth did; when he was injured during the attack, she helped him and they escaped to make their way back to the tribe.
We tend to believe her, but we feel obligated to Drogon. It’s not our place to be judge and jury. We take them back to the Keep.
At the Keep the two are taken to the dungeons; Drogon says they’ll be tried by the Clergy probably tomorrow. Tasmin tells Drogon about the woman’s statement concerning a dwarf attack on her tribe; Drogon says that’s just orc lying, but with a “sense motive” we determine he is lying.

Day 10

Day 10 Sept 26
Strange man gone early in morning
Leave camp
See smoke
Large battle had occurred at Dwarven Keep because of a surprise attack by orcs
Many dwarves wounded/dead.
Dwarves had been rallied by Drogon and rebuffed attack
Could have been worse if Drogon had not organized defenses
first available pages of Williams Journal
We’re at the Dwarven Keep, it’s about mid-day (day 10 of our adventure). The orc attack was the previous night. Dwarves think they got all the orcs. There’s always been problems with orc attacks on the roads, but no direct attacks like this one. We wonder why?
William sweet talks some rooms at the Stone Keg Inn. William performs the story of Kelron Ironaxe and the Dragon of Doom.
Beav surveys the area around the lake for information; finds a hidden boat and 2 sets of footprints – one appeared to be wounded.
Tasmin checks out the temple, sneaking inside, gets caught, tries to bluff, fails, runs and hides in cupboard.
William gathers information about the attack for story; seems that the knights we passed on the way to the Keep had been at the Keep, leaving on the morning before the attack after talking with Drogon; Drogon has been Steward for about 50 years, since shortly after the expedition of the King’s son and others to try and reclaim the Stone Fist Keep (Tsurok’s father part of it as well). In the last few years, as the king has become reclusive, Drogon has become more visible as a leader. As such, he’s ruffled some of the aristocracy, but he’s well liked by the town’s people whom he supports with his time and energies as he can.
Back at the Inn, Drogon enters to cheers. Beav tells him she found tracks; Drogon seems a bit surprised. Drogon asks us if we would act as scouts for him as he’s down a few soldiers and can’t spare any, and would like us to follow the tracks and find out as much as we can.
Tasmin makes it back to the Inn after escaping from the cupboard. In the evening, Tasmin finds his foot is blue from where he was hiding the gem.

Day 9

Day 9 Sept 25
- Leave applehaven with body of Ulfgar in hopes that Cleric at keep will raise him
- Party almost run off of road by mounted human knights.
- Knights sneer at party as they ride past.
- Someone recognizes emblems on shields as belonging to a merchant and mercenary house in Pesht
- Camp for night
- Strange man joins camp offers rabbits he caught. Doesn’t talk much.
- See large shape (dragon like) flying over head

Day 6

Day 6 – 8 Sept 22 – 24
- festival begins
- Tasmin pick pockets a gem off of an wealthy looking elderly human visitor to the festival. Appears to be very magical. Hides item in boot.
- William plays at festival but is not one of his better performances
- festival ends


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