Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 8

Summarized Actions for Skoven
- based on feedback from skoven, whos original post failed due to browser issues

On barkeep’s turn
- Skoven in response to being hit by the barkeeps first attack uses his “Yield Ground” utility power to shift 3 spaces away from Barkeep. This effectively negates the second attack by the barkeep and the associated poison. The barkeep in response follws Skoven to position for an attack next round. (skoven should be down 7 ooops 5 damage)

On Skoven’s Turn
- Move Action: Move 2 to B5.
- Minor Action: Designate Patron 1 as target of Hunter’s Quarry
- Standard Action: Twin Strike Power on Patron 1 (main hand hits 14, off hand misses)

- Opportunity attack on Skoven from Barkeep misses

{sorry no literary embellishments this time, as I wanted to get combat summary out there to move this along)

She strikes out at Heg with her dagger cutting into Heg’s fore arm (8 damage)

Heg (still dazed from Patron 2’s attack)
Lashes at Patron1 with her short sword, raking her with a vicious cut and dealing 15 damage. PATRON 1 is BLOODIED

Patron 3
Weilding a broken chair leg as a club he swings again at Heg but again fails to connect

Remarkably draws out a longsword and hacks at the nearest patron with an energizing strike. Patron4 takes 13 damage. At the same time Skoven feels energized and gains 8 temporary hit points.

Patron 2
Strikes at heg with his mace landing another solid blow dealing 11 points of damage. (Heg no longer Dazed)

Patron 4
Swings at the Bard with his mace but the bard nimbly dances out of the way.

Chaz the Barkeep
Moves up C6 to flank Skoven with Patron1 and again swings with his poisoned long sword but this time fails to connect.

Condition of Allies:
Heg: 30 38 (oops) damage and is bloodied
Skoven: 5 damage plus 9 temp hit points (marked by Barkeep)
Bard:not yet damaged

Skoven up next

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 7

I’ll assume Skoven used his at-will attack “Careful Attack”, though even with the extra +2 it won’t be enough to strike the barkeep.
opponent defences Hide

Barkeep AC:17, Fort:20, Ref:16, Will:15
Patrons 1,3 AC:15, Fort:15, Ref:14, Will:14
Patrons 2,4 AC:16, Fort:12, Ref:14, Will:12


This youngish lady dressed a dark cloak and leather armour runs to the door and bolts it closed. She then turns to face the rest of the room, pulls a dagger from her boots and shouts “Ain’t no one going no where!”.

She recovers from the blow to her head and shouts at Skoven – “Forget the barkeep, we need to get Bongo. Come on!”. She shifts away from the barkeep avoid another swing from the dented mug and then she runs headlong towards the front door hoping to shove the lady guarding it out of the way. Before she reaches the door however an older gentlemen sitting at C4 sticks out his foot and trips Heg sending her sprawling onto the floor.

An balding overweight man lets out a hearty laugh and rises from his table. With remarkable agility he dashes up beside Heg, grabs a nearby chair and brings it down on the prone Dwarf. Heg rolls to one side just in time to avoid the blow. “Blasted dwarf. Zehir’s curse upon you!”, he shouts.

The bard who had been just been adjusting his harp now stands up wielding a wand and shouts to Skoven “M’lord. Your lady is down!” He then swings the wand about while singing “Braskle the Rascal was a warrior strong who tricked his opponents with his wit. Strikes were none on his friends by his foes but foes by his friends were hit!” The patron guarding the door winces in pain and is distracted by something unseen.
{Skoven has combat advantage against Patron1 and has a bonus to AC vs. Opportunity Attacks of +5 until the end of the Bard’s next turn}

The older gentleman who tripped Heg pulls out a small mace and hammers down at the dwarf beside him. “We don’t take kindly to folks ordering us around.” He strikes her solidly across the jaw dazing the dwarf and dealing another 11 damage.

The last patron sitting near the bard also pulls out a mace and comes swinging it at the bard, but the half-elf is able to dodge the poorly aimed blow.

The waitress at the end of the bar, runs to the nearby door, opens it and sprints down a set of circular steps while slamming the door shut behind her.

Chaz the Barkeep
“Ya know sonny. I never did like knights.” He pulls a large sword from beneath the bar. Its blade glistens with a black sheen and he swings it at Skoven, drawing a terrible cut across his shoulder.
{Skoven takes 5 damage}Skoven feels the bite of something acidic in his wound but believes he may have been lucky and avoided getting much of the poisonous substance within the cut. However the barkeep then quickly spins and sends a second strike against the ranger again drawing blood. {Skoven takes 7 damage}

This time Skoven feels the bite of poison in the wound. {Skoven is poisoned. He takes 5 ongoing damage at the start of his next turn and is slowed (speed becomes 2). Save ends both (roll 10 or higher on d20 at end of Skovens turn)}

From across the room Heg shouts “Skoven. Get out of here. Find Bongo.”

{{EDIT::CORRECTION::AS a dwarf Heg gets a save to prevent being knocked prone – which she succeeds on. HEG is not prone. Won’t bother editing the narrative. Not being prone would not have affected the results of combat}}}

Skoven’s Turn is now up (updated map to follow)

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 6

Skoven rips off his cowl and shouts (to everyone in the bar) “As a Knight of Aristor, I command you to stop that thief!”

He then pommels over the bar, while at the same time drawing his longsword and shouting at the barkeep “You worthless pig, how dare you attack my lady! You will pay dearly!”

[For the acrobatics over the bar I rolled a 17, add in +15 for my skill bonus, for a 32!]

With a great swing, Skoven attacks the barkeep with his longword, hoping to hurt and scare him into submission quickly [rolled 4, add + 7, =11].

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 5

Skoven’s initiative roll = 16
Passive Perception is 21
Passive Insight is 16

IF Skoven has initiative, I simply turn sideways so I can see Bungo and the barkeep (out the corner of my eye) then hold my initiative.

Initiative Order
18-Chaz the Barkeep
15-Patron1 (C3)
13-Patron3 (E3)
12-Bard (F6)
10-Patron2 (C4)
10-Patron4 (F3)
8 -Waitress(D10)

Bungo’s initiative
With the Barkeep’s cry Bungo’s eyes open wide in alarm. He spins nimbly on his toes and dashes back out into the street.

Chaz The Barkeep
The Barkeep uses the distraction and breaks free from Heg’s grip. The big man then brings the heavy mug he is holding down hard on Heg’s head, landing a heavy blow, causing blood to trickle down her scalp and her legs to wobble. (Heg takes 10 oops… 8 damage and is now “marked” by the barkeep).

Skoven’s Action Now Up
Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 4

“Thank you Skoven. You’re probably right.” Heg sighs, straightens herself and wipes her hands across her eyes. “Alright then let’s go”.

With that the Dwarf leads Skoven out into Aristor. She briskly walks through the busy Market Square. A few townsfolk turn and look at her a she passes but most take no notice of her passing. Skoven draws slightly more attention though he suspect that its due to his lavish and exotic merchant dress rather than any personal recognition. After a brisk walk up the Temple Way and across Pony Square, Heg finally turns up Chute Street and stops in front of The Copper Shoe Inn.

This building is much like the rest of Aristor. At one time it must have been a beautiful site. Four levels reach up above the street with each hanging slightly more over the cobblestonesr so that a person standing at its entrance is sheltered from the rain by the stories above. Its once brightly gilded sign now hangs awkwardly above the front doors. Old paint covering a carved shoe is now cracked, curled and faded hanging in thin strips to the bare bones of wood beneath. Skoven looks up at the sign and wonders how much longer it will last swinging in the wind.

The pair enter the dimly lit bar. Its past the lunch hour and there are only a few patrons remaining at the tables. A traveling bard sits in a corner restringing his instrument beside a hat with few coins showing inside.

Heg pauses briefly and in a whisper reminds Skoven “Remember, say nothing. Death can come quickly here if the wrong words are spoken”. She then leads the ranger across the bar and begins a conversation with the barkeep.
The barkeep looks up from his attempts to clean a dirty mug with an equally dirty rag. “G’day. What can I ge…” He pauses before finishing his question and takes a hard look at the dwarf as she saunters up to the bar. “…hey… I know you.” At last, the spark of recognition lights his eye as he recognizes Heg. He has recognized her from the posters that had dotted the town in the previous weeks.

Before Heg has a chance to respond the barkeep quietly pleads to the dwarf hoping that others will not hear his words, “I want no trouble miz. I’m a simple barman an I ain’t got much coin neither. Please, take your business elsewhere an leave mi business in peace.”

Heg chuckles a little, “It looks like you’ve missed the latest news. My names been fully cleared by Lord Talwar. Hmmm. Maybe you’ve been missing a few of your friends in the bar this morning. The Knights of Aristor struck quite a blow against Lambshanks last eve. And THAT is why I am here.”

“..uh.. hey.. I dunno what yer talkin ’bout, but bringin that Lambshanks down a rung er two is good news to us common folk.”

Skoven Passive Insight
As Skoven watches this exchange it’s quite evident that the barkeep’s face turns pale once Heg begins to speak and he begins to nervously look about the bar. Skoven doesn’t believe the barkeep is being honest.

Skoven Passive Perception
Skoven is able to make out the hints of a brand on the barkeeps forearm that is partially hidden by his shirt. He thinks he can make out the tail of a snake.

In a remarkable burst of speed, Heg reaches out and grabs a hold of the surprised barkeep’s shirt and with amazing force pulls the man hard against the top of the bar. She spits words at the barkeep “Look. I’ve got no time for your bumbling. I need to find Lambshanks and fast. Tell me where he is or you’ll be joining his friends buried in the dirt!”

Skoven Passive Perception
You’ve never seen Heg this angry and believe she’s ready to strike down the struggling barkeep.

“Wait. Wait. Wait. I dunno where he’z at. Honest. bbbBuut. You be wantin to find Bungo. Yeah.. Bungo. He’d know how ta find’im.”

At that instant the door to the bar quickly opens. A skinny halfling enters and catches site of Heg’s holding on to the barkeep and laughs loudly. “Hey.. Chaz, they catch ya watering down the ale again?”. The rest of the patrons in the bar are silent watching the altercation.

“That’s him. That’s Bungo” shouts the barkeep.

Skoven actions required
Roll for initiative, Perception and Insight Checks.
See the FAQ thread for info on how to post die rolls.

Heg is at A9
Skoven at B9
Barkeep at A10
Bongo at A5

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 3

“Lady, I truly know little about all that has happened. It seems so much has passed since I joined this strange team of adventurers, and I find it hard to keep everything straight. But, as someone who lost his family, I know how you feel right now. I will do all that I can to help reunite you with your son!! If you truly need and seek my advice on which of these courses to choose, then I say without hesitation, the second. It is the harder and more real of the two, and therefore the path I would suggest.” With that Skoven nods his head in a slight bow to Heg.

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 2

Heg steps out of her shop and then stops. She lets her head hang down and her eyes close. She seems to be struggling to control her emotions. Slowly she turns, faces the rangers and speaks.

“Skoven, you must help me. I worried I’m not thinking clearly and I need help deciding which way to go. I’m afraid we must be swift for I fear for my son.

My choices are these:

First, I know of an old woman – a seer – who lives in among the hovels of Mud Street. They say she is gifted with sight, blessed by the three gods of fate. I know she has helped others before and she owes me a favor. I believe she may show us the path to Tsorak.

Second, I’d guess that Lambshanks, or rather Herck, is behind the disappearance of Ferrin and Tsorak. I also suspect I know some men who may have been in league with that villian. Given what I know of the underbelly of Aristor, there lives are likely at risk as those that didn’t follow Herck are likely looking for payback of sorts. I fear there will be more bloodshed in the dark parts of town this night. If these men haven’t already left town, we may have very few hours left to find them and gather what we might from them.

What say you? My heart says to seek the fortune teller, but my head knows that the gods of fate are fickle and trust in spoken fortunes is often viewed as folly. Or should we seek the dark roads and dangerous men who wish not to be found in hope that we can loosen their tongues or that they even know things of substance? Which way do we go?"

Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 1

Heg quickly leads Skoven through Soldier’s square and down The Narrows, the short steep street that leads to Market Square. They soon stand infront of Heg’s shop, still charred from weeks ago when the party had repelled the rogue attack. The front door hangs loosely off of broken hinges and it takes little effort to swing it aside allowing entrance to the shop.

Inside the store is in terrible shape. Heg looks around in dismay. The insides are a shambles with furniture overthrown and many of her goods apparently missing or thrown to the floor. With a sigh she straightens a table. “At least the building still stands”.

Then in the corner she see a small woolen bundle. “William!”. She hurries over and gently unfolds the wrapping to reveal the deceased Bard. “Sorry my friend, but I’m afraid you will have to wait a little longer.” She lays down the small halflings body and pulls the wollen bundle over him again.

“Ummm, is it a good idea to leave a dead body like that?” Skoven asks sheepishly.

“No need to worry. Ferrin placed an enchantment upon him that will protect his body for some time.” she replied. “We shall move him to a temple once I’ve got a few questions answered about my son and Ferrin.”

She then looked Skoven up and down. “I think you’d make a fair Krossian Merchant. Have you ever worn a Purka?” Skoven shook his head, somewhat puzzled at what a purka might be.

Heg quickly scrambled around her shop gathering a pile of fabrics. “Get out of that cloack. Now’s no time to be modest. Hurry up now”. In a few short minutes Heg had outfitted Skoven in a series of colourful fabrics, draping them in layers over the woodsmen. She then fashioned a cowl from a silk of the deepest blue. It hid most of Skovens face, yet still let the ranger see.

“There. I think you’ll pass. You’re now a traveling merchant who’s accompanying me on business. Follow me closely and don’t talk unless I ask you – and even then just mumble in response. Say nothing!”

With that the dwarven weaver pulled at Skoven and they left the shop in search of answers to where Tsorak and Ferrin might be.

Day 21

Day 21 Oct 6 7
(4:00am or so)
We decide to go through the magical stone wall rather than continue clearing the rock pile. Bv. uses “soften earth and stone” spell and the wall collapses. We sneak out and make it back into room B10 and then outside. Not knowing exactly what to do, we take some time to review the Alchemist’s Journal we found earlier.
It’s a pretty thick journal. Some basic prayers and rituals to Orcus (not pleasant sounding). Emphasis on death, destruction, undead and bringing Orcus back into the world. The following are some of the entries (at least the best I could do in quickly jotting down what our DM was saying!)
“We found the perfect spot. It didn’t take us long to make it our own. The monks didn’t put up much of a fight…I did find… the tree is here…pretty excited…I’ve managed to enthrall a Green goody guy…the tree is everything I hoped it would be…have managed to extract a few things…had to make a bargain with…”[I think Joe kept talking, but I couldn’t copy fast enough].
The name of the author of the journal is Boracin (not sure of spelling).
We go back inside and Bdgr examines more closely the fire elemental fire-place and notices a finger-hold of some sort inside. Joshl casts an “endure elemental” spell on BV who reaches in and pulls the latch, opening a door at the back of the fireplace. Bv walks through and into the room beyond and finds a bunch of coins, and some magical items. (Tas keeps a list – was that a smart thing to do? Have the thief keep a list of the treasure??)
Tsk then looks at the magical wall on the other side of the room more closely and determines that it is older than the stonework in the rest of the room. We look at it, poke it, search it, and try and figure it out for a long time. Tsk then gets some of the stone tools from the quarry and pries one of the stone block on the wall free. There is a bit of space behind and then a smoother wall of finished stone. Tsk pries a few more stones free to reveal an ornate stone door with some sort of script engraved on it. Bdgr recognizes it as Elvish and Wm recalls there used to be Elvish settlements in the area many years ago, but it is largely a myth and a mystery as to why they left.
On the door are carved pictures of trees and sleeping woodland creatures, but upon closer inspection we see that the trees are bare and the creatures are dead. Bdgr is able to decipher some of the words in the script:
“~ ~ ~ light ~ ~ ~ give ~ ~ ~ rest ~ ~ ~ ~”
There are 2 or 3 unknown words before each of “light”, “give” and “rest”, and 4 or 5 words after “rest”.
There is also a large wax seal on the door, with a gold wire that hasn’t yet been broken. Wm doesn’t recognize the seal, but it is definitely Elvish in nature. Tsk examines the door and believes it opens inward. Tas checks for traps and doesn’t think there are any. A detect magic spell is cast and the doors are uniformly magical, while the wall we chipped through to get to the door is not.
Wm and Tas cast mage hands and use Tsk’s chisel and hammer to break the seal and wire. Nothing happens. Using the mage hands and tools, they try to open the door, but it won’t move. Tsk walks up and tries to push them open, but he can’t move them either. Wm comments that it is rare for Elves to make subterranean crypts, tombs etc. and feels this is not good. The Elves were possibly trying to lock something in, rather than keep people out. We discuss and brainstorm, but we can’t figure it out, and by about 8:00am we decide to leave the cavern by the back exit.
It’s a grey overcast day, and we travel up to the top of the hill and down into the crevice. At the bottom, Bv recognizes a number of tracks that look like they were left by Twig-blights, but also boot prints. We travel into the caverns and notice some dead trees along one wall. As we pass, the trees lash out at us. They look like Twig-blights, but are rooted to the ground. During the fight, two large, rotting heaps of vegetation come up and attack us from behind. Joshl is knocked out, and Tsk is dragged into one of the piles. Using flasks of oil we light the trees on fire.
A bear appears and screams out in a voice we recognize (Tess’s), “Won’t you leave!!”, and the battle continues. Eventually the trees are all on fire, the vegetation heaps are beaten and the bear begins to retreat. We try and talk to her, but she breaks into a run down the passage.
We’re in extremely rough shape and decide to leave the caverns. Once outside at the top of the hill, we decide to leave the area in order to rest. It’s about 9:00am and we travel south-west until late afternoon, when Bv. finds us a good place to make camp. At about 5:00pm, Tas and Wm take the first watch as the rest of the party gets some needed sleep. Several hours into the watch, Tas begins to feel like he’s being hit by a bunch of little mosquitos. As we’re swatting away, the pixies appear. Wm tries diplomacy to impart that we’re badly hurt and are simply trying to rest. They complain that we “didn’t clean up the dirt”, like we promised. Wm. says we’re not finished, but we need rest. If we weren’t hurt, they ask, would we then clean up the dirt? We say yes. They then giggle and laugh and disappear. As they do, we hear the sound of items dropping onto the forest floor (4 flasks of cure light wounds potions). The rest of the night passes without incident
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Day 20

Day 20 Oct 5 6
Game Days April 13,14/2002
From the Journal of William of Applehaven:
[The tale begins with the party in the Monastery, as the party recovers after a major battle in the middle of a snowstorm]
With rosy-fingered dawn (Oct. 6th) Greeny feels he doesn’t want to remain with us and leaves. The rest of the party prepare and learn their spells. Tsurok takes the breastplate and puts it on, while Bv. takes the gold-chained bracelet.
Once ready, we descend into the basement and have a minor skirmish with a zombie. We continue down the steps and into a large room with a curved ceiling and a raised platform in the centre of the floor (wrestling/fighting ring). Fire places in the corners with fire elementals caged behind wards instead of a regular fire. In the one corner is the partially ripped-apart body of a Halfling, chained to the wall, with a crushed mandolin nearby. We recognize him as the bard that left Applehaven with Taela Ciderfast at the beginning of our adventures.
As we search the room, we have a very unsettling feeling. It doesn’t feel “good”. This seems strange, as the monks were a generally good order, if reclusive. We notice some of the mosaics have been splashed with blood and defiled. Badger casts a detect magic spell on the whole room and concentrates. The whole room seems to be magical. Specifically, however, the NE corner wall is also magical, but not sure in what way.
Down the one passageway there appears to be a small alchemy lab (Room B2), with still sputtering candles, ceramic dishes, alchemical tools etc. Tas finds a small chest, picks the trap and opens the lock. Inside are notes, alchemical instruments and tools, a map showing the general area around the monastery, a parchment relating the story of the vampire battle, a cutting from a Twig Blight (draining the sap from it and looks like used to inject into people perhaps), and a journal.
The Journal reads…
“Specimen lead to decapitation…flew away, shouldn’t be a problem…sent out Tavek and a search party to retrieve item…Tavek screwed up, didn’t get it…Yes, the Druid thing may work, the Green Men seem to be on our side…expect delivery in another week…They’ll initiate on Oct. 3rd…. I’m getting nervous… Oct. 1st, finally had my outs with the stupid guy. They’re impatient. Managed to stay here. I’ve got another month…Oct. 4th, Even Tavek is becoming annoying…Damn, that Tavek, he caused all these problems, now I’m going to have to deal with all these problems upstairs” (last entry).
Tas then leaves the alchemy room and begins searching the east passage. Entering the first door (Room B4), he sees a body on the floor. It’s a barely breathing human male. Bv heals up to consciousness and tells him to stay put.
We think we can hear whispering from the end of the hall. Tas listens at the door and opens it. The room (B5) is empty. The next room (B6) is empty as well. Tas opens the next door (B7) and notices a headless body lying on the floor. As he enters the room a demonic head with wings flies down from above and attacks. We all feel an incredible “chill” as the demonic head bursts out a terrifying shriek. The head bites into Tas. Wm casts a sleep spell on it, and both it and Tas fall asleep. Wm kills the head, and we wake up Tas.
Tas looks into the next room (B8). A “human” female is lying against the far wall with her back to us, and whimpering. Tas and Bv walk into the room. Once inside, the “human” slowly turns and grins and whispers “Thank You” as it rises up, standing 8ft. tall with bird-like wings and claws. Wm casts a silence spell on it and it goes silent, then looks at Wm angrily, but also like he’s a very stupid little Halfling.
Tas and Bv start to leave the room. Wm casts a sleep spell on the creature, but is only affects Tas (who luckily saves). Then all of a sudden there is utter darkness and at the last we see the creature begin charging out of the room and up the hallway.
Badger uses the staff of Eralion and casts the daylight spell which dispels the darkness. As it enters the hallway, the creature sticks out its hand and a wave of energy blasts Tas and knocks him right over Wm’s head, 60ft. down the hallway.
The creature moves past Wm charging out of the hallway and into the central room. Tsk steps aside and takes a monstrous swing with his axe. He hits, but does no damage. Bdger hits it with the staff of Eralion and does a little bit of damage. Bv hits with a flame blade. Tsurok hits again, this time with his new mace, as Bdger runs to get outside the silence spell on the creature. The creature then tries to hit Tsk, but his new breast-plate deflects the attack well.
Once outside the silence, Bdger casts magic missiles, which do nothing.
The battle continues as we strike and cast magic at the creature. After several rounds, it steps back, spasms and summons two, squat, slobbering, humanoid creatures that jump into the fray.
As the creature starts to lift of the ground using its wings, Tsk steps up and swings a mighty blow with his great mace and kills the evil monster. The two summoned creatures, continue fighting, but we finish them off quickly. All three bodies dissolve once they die.
Tas talks to the man that was lying in the one room. He says his name is Joshl and he is from Pesht. He was with others and asks if we have seen them – Sharak (a dwarf), a couple of Halflings (Taela and Garret), and Ord, a tall human. We sadly tell him that all of them became zombies that we’ve recently had to fight. All are dead now.
He says they came to the monastery because he knew a monk that lived here, but when they arrived there was a whole bunch of orcs. They were taken and he was put in the cell and held. A half-orc through food into the cell one in a while.
He also asks if we’ve seen a small amulet to Kord, which is his. We haven’t. We share some of our food with him and continue to talk as Tas and Tsk check out the alchemy lab.
After a little rest, we feel we should continue on. Joshl says he’ll stay with us, but assures us he won’t be much help if there’s a battle. He takes Tsk’s old armour and a sword from the skeletons. We set off down the north passage and make our way into a big chamber (B10). We pass what appears to have been the ogres room (B11) and eventually the passage leads outdoors. The exit/entrance is well sheltered and hidden by shrubs and a small ridge. We notice a number of tracks in the mud. Most recently it appears someone on a horse left the area (this would have been just after the snowstorm).
We go back up the passage to B10 and further up the passage leading north. It gets quite narrow but opens up again after about a hundred feet. Before entering the room (B13), Bv notices a big shape staring at us which looks like a tremendously large, white rabbit, with huge, ghastly fangs and grotesque, misshapen features and blood, dripping from its fuzzy, soft, cottonnelle-like fur. Just kidding! It actually looks like a dragon!!! We step back and Bv sneaks in to take a quiet look. As she gets closer she sees it’s just a statue. Wm casts a detect magic spell on the room and the dragon, and its head softly glows. It appears there’s probably a trap of some sort, possibly a breath spray. Bv attempts to sneak around the dragon at the far side of the room and is successful, and the rest of us follow.
As we follow the next passage, Bv notices a greenish glow up ahead. Moving silently we sneak up. The passage opens into a room (B14). The roof has mossy parts which are glowing. There are also a number of broken rocks and boulders off to the one side. Bv starts to enter the room and is attacked by a leopard or tiger leaping from the rocks. After a brief battle, Tsk brings the animal down. At the same moment, however, we hear a rustling at the other end of the room and a horde of Twig-blights scramble into the room.
Tsl yells for us to get into the passage behind us as he stands guard at the entrance. At the far end, a large bear and a crow with glowing eyes enter the room as well. Tas casts a flare spell, Wm starts to sing and Bdger throws some flasks of oil into the room, while Tsk defends us all with his great mace. The crow flies over to rock pile and turns into a human (Raven). Bv summons a swarm of bats on him and he starts to runs out of the room. The bear, which we assume is a Green Man, rises up and summons a dire rat that attacks. As Raven leaves the room, Bv transfers the swarm of bats onto the bear. Tsk continues to mow down twig-blights at the passage entrance. Wm kills the dire rat. Bdger makes a fuse for another flask of oil, lights it, and tosses it into the middle of the twig-blights causing a fire to start and grow as it reaches the other oil puddles.
The bear turns and runs out of the passage, while the burning twig-blights continue attacking until Tsk wipes them out or they are burned up.
We’re pretty exhausted and beaten up, and we begin to wonder what we should do next. We aren’t decided, but we think it may be a good idea to retreat and rest, maybe back in the tower.

William’s Journal – Game Day June 21,2002
As we try and decide what to do, a crow (raven?) flies straight at us and down the corridor. We turn and follow it to a stone wall (magically created). Badger hears a crashing noise behind us and we walk back to find a rock pile covering the passage way. Tsk takes a look at it and figures it could take a long time to dig out. Probably we have a day of air. Tsk starts to move the rocks. Tas and Wm and Joshl help. Bv and Badger sleep for spells. After about 3 hours Tsk manages to clear enough to allow some air to enter.
Guessing it’s about 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening we all rest up for a bit.

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