Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 9

As Chaz the Barkeep attacks, Skoven uses “Weave through Frey” to shift to A5 and then attacks Patron 1 (A4) with Two-Fanged Strike.

First attack, rolled for a total of 26 (rolled 18, +7). Damage total 9 (rolled 3, +1, +5 for hunters quarry)

Second attack (off-hand weapon), rolled for a total of 14 (rolled 7, +7). Damage if hits, 4 (3, +1)

IF both of the attacks hit, then deals extra damage of +3.

Skoven, recognizing it must have been the Bard (only one helping in this fight!?)that gave him the energy boost, yells “To me, Bard, these fiendish rats can’t stop us!”



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