Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 18

Heg, Skoven and Greywing, the half-elven bard that came to their aid in the bar followed the Halfling scoundrel, Bongo Lafleur, into the yard of a merchant compound just outside the palisade. Bongo ran into the barn that sits in one corner of the compound. There are two additional buildings, a corral with a couple of horses; two wagons and some crates sit part way across the open yard. Not pausing to consider other options, the trio ran after the halfling. As they crossed the yard, Greywing picked out the sounds of voices, sounding like Bongo was arguing with a deep-voiced someone. The barn has large doors on one side, one panel of which Bongo entered through. On either side there was a window, set perhaps 5 feet off the ground. Skoven boosted Greywing up to peer in the window – he was able to see Bongo in conversation with a large man, and saw a spiral staircase in the corner that appeared to lead down into the ground. The trio made a quick plan: Heg and Skoven would wait for a minute before entering the door that Bongo went through while Greywing circled around to a door on the end of the barn, putting himself on the other side of Bongo and the large man.

But before they could enact their plan, the door opened and Bongo stepped out. Skoven reached out and tried to grab him, but Bongo was able to slip back inside. Skoven pushed in after him, realizing there were other men in the barn as well. He quickly swung his sword and felled the closest. The large man bellowed “Bongo, you fool, you’ve let them in!” and stepped forward with a large sword to confront Skoven, but Skoven wisely shifted out of range. Bongo, realizing his predicament, bolted out the door. Heg was there waiting for him – she took the opportunity to take a swing at him, striking a sold blow, but Bongo ran on. Heg, seeing that the one lead she had to the whereabouts of her son was getting away, ran after the scoundrel, intent on catching him. She managed to stay with him, but could not do further damage to him to halt his run.

Meantime, Skoven found himself surrounded in the barn, facing the large man and three of his cohorts. He decided to follow Heg and retreat to the stable yard. Unfortunately for him, another large man armed with an axe had come out of one of the other buildings upon hearing the commotion. The thugs moved to surround Skoven in the yard, and Bongo, perhaps encouraged by the numbers, turned to face Heg.

Greywing had circled the building only to find that the door he had intended to enter was locked. And before he could decide what to do about that, the fighting had broken out. Hearing the clash of weapons move out into the stable yard, he tried to go to the aid of his new acquaintances: he attempted to vault over the 7-foot fence of the merchant compound, but he slipped badly and crashed into the fence. If not for his magical boots, he would likely have found himself face down in the dirt. Instead, he was able to only to watch helplessly through a gap in the fence.

Skoven found himself beset on all sides. The swords of his enemies appeared to be coated with some foul substance that made each wound worse than a normal: he feared they were using poison. He valiantly swung his sword about him, but there were too many against him, and Skoven went down in a hail of blows. The thugs were too much for Heg, surrounding her and then piling on to subdue her. As Greywing looked on uselessly, he watched in horror as the big bad guy beheaded Skoven with his axe and carried the grisly trophy into the barn, while the thugs dragged Heg’s limp body inside. Greywing stayed long enough to hear one of the captors laugh and say “Herck will be pleased!” The bard knew he had to get word of this horrible turn of events to the other Knights of Aristor, and set off quickly to return to Aristor.

Greywing hurried back through the town, hoping to find someone who could tell him where to find the new Knights. It was one thing to know of these recent heroes, but quite another to find them. After the first couple of townsfolk were of little help, the bard found a fellow who knew that some of the new Knights had recently stopped for a drink at The Churn, and there he got word that they were headed to the Temple of Pelor. The patron remarked “Yeah, they were here. I saw them! You know, they’re not as big as I thought they’d be…”. The bard thanked the man and made his way quickly to the temple, where he was greeted by a young acolyte who seemed in awe of ‘Sir Gnurgren and his friends’. The acolyte revealed that the Knights were inside, but in a meeting that should not be disturbed. But the bard persuaded him that it was urgent – one of the Knights had fallen in battle – and was ushered in to see the new Knights and the high priest Oswald.



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