Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 17

Skoven easily scrambles up the rough wooden timbers using the conveniently placed handholds. In short order he’s peering over the wall and down onto yard filled with crates and boxes and a pair of wagons. The yard is fully enclosed, boxed in by three seperate buildings and a wooden fence that joins up with the pallisade. Skoven just catches sight of the halfling disappearing into a barn, the largest of the three buildings via a small door.

After a moment, Skoven scrambles down the other side and doesn’t wait long for both Heg and the bard to join him. They stand together in silence at the edge of a seemingly deserted merchant compound. The only other living thing they see is a single raven perched on the roof of the barn.

Heg looks to the bard “Thanks for the help. I’m afraid I don’t know you’re name but I feel I should introduce myself, I am…”

“…Heg the Weaver and Sir Skoven of Aristor. I am most pleased to meet you both.” After a grand formal bow, he continues. “You may call me Greywing. I am a traveling bard and have recently heard of the Knight’s of Aristor and their remarkable accomplishments. I am amazed at my luck to have met you as I was hoping to hear the story first hand from these new Knights. Forgive me for being blunt but why did you acost that barkeep so and why are we here chasing a little halfing?”

Heg replies, “We’re here to find my son. I believe that halfling Bongo may lead me to those that have taken him. This is no place for a lute player. I suggest you hurry away before things get dangerous. I don’t need any more guilt on my conscience.”

Quickly pulling out his longsword, Greywing responds, “With all due respect m’lady, I am a tad more skilled than a meer lute player. I’m eager to see at first hand the actions of true heroes.”

Heg looks at him and sighs. “Very well. Lets go.” She quickly turns and heads towards the large barn into which the halfing disappeared.



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