Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 16

Skoven chases after Bongo using acrobatics to help shorten the distance (acrobatics check rolled 7, +15 = 22).

Skoven easily jumps over the fence encircling the corral and quickly heads to the pallisade wall (4 successes) Heg and the bard have less success. Heg has diffculty getting over the fence and falls awkardly (taking 5 damage) (4 success/ 1 failure) . The bard has no difficulty with the fence but gets slowed down by the wet ground in the corral. The previous nigh’ts rain has made the rutted ground wet and sloppy in places, making movement difficult (4 successess/ 2 failures).

Once all three reach the base of the pallisade, it is evident that handholds have been cut into the thick lumber, allowing for an easier climb up the side of the timber wall.

Athletics (DC15) or Acrobatics (DC19) to climb over the pallisade as Bongo did.

Skoven uses acrobatics to climb over the pallisade (rolled 15, +15 = 30).



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