Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 15

[[[sorry should have explained it more-make a check and i’ll give you feedback on the results. the other’s in your group will also contribue (heg, the bard). ]]]

Skoven looks around and notices that down the street to the west is a man being helped to his feet. Surrounding his apples that apparently spilled from a basket the man had been carrying. Skoven is sure Bongo fled that way and gives chase, with the bard and Heg in toe.(1 success)

As they run the down Chute Street, the bard points a head and yells “Look at the horse corral ahead. I think he went in there.” A number of horses are agitated by something. (2 successes)

As Skoven reaches the edge of the corral, he slows to allow Heg and the bard to catch up. Look. Up there. I think that might be him. Heg points to the other side of the corral where it ends in the tall wooden pallisade wall. At the top of the pallisade can be seen a small figure scrambling over the top and down the other side out of sight. (3 successess)

Next Checks Available Skills:
Acrobatics – DC19 – Vaulting over or around obstacles you make up some of the distance
Athletics – DC 19 – You run fast, scale a wall or leap a fence and gain an advantage in the chase. Perception – DC 23 – You find a shortcut or means to gain an advantage.
Streetwise – DC 23 – You know enough about the environment to gain an advantage.



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