Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 14

Skoven grunts “Bastards!” He then quickly looks around. “My lady, the thief may be out of sight, but give me a quick moment and I shall surely find his trail.” [He uses perception to find clues from the environment – as a Ranger, seems like the most probable course of action. He rolls 12, +11 = 23]

[I’m not sure if you mean I need to roll a perception check 6 times right now, or just the once. If it is just once, then it will take a lot of back and forth to run through this sequence. In the interests of making things flow more quickly, I was wondering if it might make sense for me to make a bunch of rolls now and show you the results, then as we proceed, you can simply use these as my successive rolls? That may be odd and not work, but I thought I’d throw it out there]

11, 20, 8, 6, 13, 12, 14, 4, 15, 16, 4, 12, 10, 3, 5, 19, 9, 2,14



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