Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 13

Skoven skids to a stop in the middle of the street beside Heg and the bard who had helped them in the fight. The doors to the bar swing open again and a pair of daggers comes flying in their direction. One strikes the bard in the arm dealing 8 points of damage.

Heg is breathlessly scanning the road looking for signs of where Bongo would have run to.

{ this is a skill challenge… you’ll need to make 6 successes before 3 failures. }

Currently Available Skills:

Diplomacy – DC 23 – ask nearby townsfolk for aid in finding bongo
Insight – DC 19 – find clues to where Bongo may have gone based on how townsfolk are reacting
Intimidate – DC 23 – threaten townsfolk for informatino on bongo
Perception – DC 19 – find clues to where Bongo may have gone from the environment
Streetwise – DC 15 – find cluese to where Bongo would have gone using streetsmarts.

First success will open up addtional skills
Skoven – what do you do?



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