Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 12

On Skoven’s Turn
You can’t go diagonally around corners so you’ll have to shift into the space infront of the door currently occupied by Heg. I’ll fudge things a little and let you delay your shift until after Heg’s turn as she’ll make a bee-line for the open door.

Heg makes the most of Skoven’s opening. She shifts 1 to go out the door and avoid attacks of opportunity and then a second move action to head into the street to see where Bongo went.

Patron 3
The overweight patron strikes at Skoven with the chair leg but Skoven easily dodges the blow. He ends his turn by shifting to A3

The bard shifts back a step and brandishes his wand at the back of the Barkeep and lets loose with a verbal barrage of mockery. The barkeep doubles over and appears off balance. The bard then quickly moves towards the door prompting attacks of opportunity from all the ruffians, but with remarkable grace he nimbly avoids being hit and joins Heg in the street infront of the tavern.

Patron 2
The old man shifts to A5 to flank Skoven and swings with his mace dealing 9 points of damage.

Patron 4
Steps up to also engage Skoven brandishing his mace. He also makes contact and deals 14 points of damage

Chaz the Barkeep
The barkeep swings again with his deadly longsword but misses.

Condition of Allies:
Heg: 30 damage. no longer bloodied.
Skoven: Marked by Barkeep. 19 damage
Bard:not yet damaged

- on his turn he is able to shift out of the bar into the street

Coming Up Next – The Chase Is On – Stay Tuned -



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