Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 11

[Skoven’s AC is 22, with a +2 against opp. attacks]

On his turn, Skoven uses a minor action to sheath his dagger and a second minor action to open the door. He yells to Heg, “Get out now! I follow” then with his longsword he swings at the barkeep (with Nimble Strike)[Rolled 14, +7, +2 combat adv. if that still exists = 23; damage roll if hits = 6, +5 (dex mod) = 11]. Nimble strike then lets him shift one space which he does! Kitty corner out the door (if possible) or into A4 if not.

[Not sure how temp hit points work. If I have them still, then Skoven is currently at 53 (ie. 44 +9).



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