Skoven and Heg in Aristor - 10

On Skoven’s Turn
Skoven’s first strike easily hits Patron 1, but as his offhand strike is about to be parried, Heg shouts a distraction at the enemy allowing Skoven to connect with both strikes.

Although gravely injured, the woman still stands her ground in front of the door. This time she swings at Skoven with her dagger. {she rolls 20 vs AC. If this hits, she dealing 8 damage to Skoven}

Heg senses the woman infront of her is nearly finished lashes out with another blow from her short sword. The woman crumples to the ground. Heg shifts forward pauses for a moment to regain her breath (she spends a healing surge regaining 15 points).

Patron 3
The large patron shifts forward and strikes at Heg’s back dealing a hard blow with the broken chair leg. Heg takes 7 damage.

The bard shifts back a step and points his wand at the nearest ruffian. Patron 4 grimaces in pain from an unseen attack

Patron 2
The old man shouts in alarm as Patron 1 falls. He shifts forward and in fury strikes again at heg but misses

Patron 4
Steps closer to the bard and swings again with his mace, but again the Bard dodges at the last second to evade the blow and allowing him to move closer to Skoven and Heg.

Chaz the Barkeep
The barkeep shifts to the side and again swings his deadly longsword at skoven. He rolls 20 vs AC. If this hits Skoven takes another 6 damage and he is poisoned – will take 5 poison damage at the start of each and is slowed (speed 2) save ends both

Condition of Allies:
Heg: 30 damage. no longer bloodied
Skoven: Marked by Barkeep. 5 damage, 9 temp hit points. IF AC <=20 then takes an addition 14 damage and be poisoned (slowed, 5 dmg/turn, save ends)
Bard:not yet damaged

Skoven up next



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